Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner girls!

And the baking continues...boiled up all my fruit/butter/sugar yesterday while I was on a mission with the wedding cakes...and left overnight. This morning I got up and mixed up the batch of Christmas cakes...five in total (mind you 3 are tiny individual ones for gifts!)..but still!! Don't they look divine in the oven cooking...a stole a peek in order to photograph them! All wrapped up in good old newspaper to stop the outsides drying out...mums tip...I usually use brown paper and newspaper, but didn't have any brown paper, so all newprint it is!! I like to cover the top of my christmas cakes with blanched almonds as they toast beautifully while the cake bakes and are deliciously nutty to eat...I don't ice my cakes as I don't like icing and only one of my children likes fruit cake at all so I get to do it my way! Hubby doesn't like fruitcake either..:( my visitors over the Christmas season get to indulge with me!!

Almonds ready to stud the tops of the cake with....
The proof of the hand mixing!! It was all I could do not to scrape the remains off the bowl and eat I write I realise I didn't put the golden syrup in...a minor ingredient but will be missed just the same...ah well...

The cute vintage tobacco tin that is my string tin...used to day to tie the newspaper around my tins..

And there they are baking away in my oven...two large ones on top, three littlies underneath (can't really see 'em)...can just see the edge of one. Those are baked in tiny springform tins that I'll leave them in and give the whole thing as a Christmas the recipient gets a gorgeous cake, in a brand new tin, and they get to use the tin again themselves...forever!!

Well that's it for now...we're off to find shirts and shoes...for my darling hubby for the wedding. Now that I changed my dress the shirt he had does'nt match! (oops! :( )...ah well...hoping we'll find something today...
have a great weekend fellow blogerettes!!
ciao for now
luv jessie xx

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