Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wake up and smell the...BAKING!

Ahhh...the smell of baking in the house! I personally never get to wake up to it...but other members of my lovely family do...cos I like to get up and bake!! Mind you...I have a very good excuse right now...with Evan's (my son's) wedding next weekend, I really do need to be making cakes!! They're having a multi tiered cake with Raspberry Mudcake as main cake, and another tier being Lemon Syrup Cake...which I'll make just two days before as it won't keep like the mudcakes do....but man! they look good on my counter...and smelt divine cooking! So there's several tiers a dozen Mud Muffins with the 'leftovers'...was a HUGE mix!! lol...

Yum...if I wasn't restricting my intake of BAD, BAD (BUT TO DIE FOR! NOT TO MENTION DIVINE!)FOOD (just up until the wedding , you understand! lol)...I'd whip up some chocolate frosting RIGHT NOW and have one of these delectable choc berry mud muffins with a nice latte...
This will be the bottom tier...
And these will be the other tiers...but with a lemon cake inbetween...
And the other ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS smell around the house this week has been the russian fudge for the wedding...not to be confused with what we kiwis call Fudgecake (but I think the USofA's call it simply Fudge - made with crushed biscuits (cookies), butter, cocoa etc...??) Fudge in NZ is a confection...butter,sugar,milk,vanilla,glucose,conensed milk - all boiled up till setting temperature met...and whipped and poured to set....m..mmmmm!!!! two batches down, one to go (180 pieces done...) It is my sisters DIVINE Caramel Fudge die for!! Smooth, soft to the bite (no hard sugary fudge here thankyou!!)...and keeps for months...but it never lasts that long!!

so that was the start of my baking week...continued in next blog!...

ciao bellas!

luv jessie xx


  1. Wow! I wish you were my neighbor! I'd probably hang around your house a lot! I've never seen so many cakes lying around the kitchen like that, lol! And I do love that Russian fudge. For me, that's fudge alright, simply fudge! My kids love peanut butter and chocolate fudge, I'm more of the caramel-fudge-type, :)

  2. Thankyou for dropping by "fudge recipe"...went to your site but didn't find 'you'...found some DROP DEAD DELICIOUS fudge recipes tho, of course!! wow!! Im going to try some of fudge is very similar to your caramel fudge and just because your's is different, means...YES...I HAVE TO TRY IT!! I am a shocker for trying new versions of things I love (brownie being an absolute favourite!)...but I'll wait till after the wedding! It's all I can do to resist eating any fudge this week!! or raspberry mudcakes...or..or (actually - haven't resisted eating fruitcake...little ones that sadly overflowed so don't look attractive for Christmas gifts...ah well...i'll just have to eath them!! having some right now with my cup of tea while I write!!)
    thanks for commenting..if you have a personal blog or a site that shows me 'you', or tells me about you, i'd love to see it :)
    ciao for now
    jessie xx

  3. I think I would be five feet wide if I baked like you do. How do you resist it all? Isn't it funny how we all take to different types of cooking and baking. I love to cook "meals" but never really got into the baking all that much.

    And then you had to go and mention FUDGE! Mine sounds like the NZ version of yours. Yum! Haven't made it in years- but I did try to make divinity a couple of times. Do you have that down there?

    Enjoyed my visit with you! Have a great weekend!
    Karen- Some days are diamonds ;)

  4. Okay Jessie - all those cakes sound absolutely divine. BUT you didn't post the recipe for the fudge. I just HAVE to have it - please???