Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The big day finally gorgeous son Evan married the girl of his dreams, Renee..praise the Lord! Never seen him look so happy :) Such a moving, joyous, heartwrenching many emotions packed into one day!! It was such a beautiful day...and a really wonderful many comments on how lovely the service was...

Ah the first man and wife...MR AND MRS CHRISTIESON!!

Ah my boy...isn't he handsome?? :)

Cutting the cake (made by moi ;))...

The whole whanau (family ;))...on mine and Steve's front of the beautiful 'waterfall' fairy lights on stage at our church...can see three of my girls...Emma far left in red/black, and Beth in blue...and Laura in black and white next to bride..think Claire is in the back somewhere...and I am 3rd from right in my 'beautiful' dress..hehe...Steve just showing behind me..

And now I am no longer consumed by wedding plans...days are very long! haha...Steve is back in Dubai...or actually Saudi Arabia this time and I'm praying he'll make it home for Christmas, tho it's not looking likely...but my God is a God of miracles!! oh yeah!! So you never know...might be my time for one :)
Anyway...will get back into blogging soon...get some creating underway again...
ciao bellas
jessie xx

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