Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ahh..Italia! Can't belive we're finally here. (sadly internet is expensive, slow and intermittent..hence lack of blogging! :( ) We have been here a week and seen the most delightful buildings, walked amongst castles, watched medieval parades, eaten lots of very chewy bread,drank quite a few luke warm coffees, and had lots of early morning walks amongst the cobbled streets of Sulmona. It's so amazing here. The history...I love it! Amazing churches everywhere...can't imagine much Hillsong/Jesus Culture/Chris Tomlin etc is played in them tho! lol. Very beautiful tho. All the churches have magnificent bell towers...and they all seem to be in working order! Clocks striking on the hour, on the quarter hour, half hours, three quarter hour!! Could be hard to get used to!

Ah what else...oh yes...there are so many old men everywhere. Really...EVERYWHERE! Sitting outside caffes, walking, chatting on corners...not so many women - Steve says they're all at home cooking and cleaning as they should be!! haha...whatever! ;) But it is really interesting. We've visited lots of outlying villages...Sulmona is a central city with many small villages around it, leading up to the Rocarosa skifield and the area of the National Park...And in all the villages...old men everywhere! They're very social these Italians. And EVERYONE smokes! No drunks, apparently no drunk teens/young people around the streets at night either (must be something in this drinking wine with meals while you grow up!)...but all the young people seem to smoke..really young ones some of them (maybe 14, 15?)..makes me realise how nice it is in NZ to have nearly all public spaces smokefree! The locals are very friendly...and the boys/men are all finding our lovely Beth..well, lovely!! Surprise, surprise! It is quite funny to watch..they all just take a l-o-n-g second look! ;) It's not yukky so that's good..just funny really.

Tomorrow we head to Pescara on the adriatic coast to lie on the beach...tho we've had four seasons in one day here..for two days in a row! The locals say it's very unusual so we're hoping it's a passing thing...SUMMER, WHERE ARE YOU?? Not quite prepared for cold and downpours...and downpours they have been...yesterday got drenched and you'd swear the rain had been poured on us in bucket loads! like drowned rats we were! ...ah well...had sunshine again this morning tho.

Went to Ginos Restaurant for lunch today...VERY nice place..but bit pricey for lunch...the 'side' of vegetables was 10euro! each! delicious array of veges...but 10 euros??!! ouch! Off out to Biffi's tapas bar for dinner tonight with our friends as they prepare to depart Sulmona tomorrow, after the beach, and head off to Bari and Napoli before heading back to Roma and home to Christchurch next week.

Can't upload pics at the moment...grrr
Back with some tomorrow I hope!
Well..better get ready for dinner...
ciao bellas! Wish you were here!! hehe
love and blessings
Jessie xx

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