Sunday, June 5, 2011 loading...Sulmona, Introdacqua and Pacentro

Ah so finally my pics are able to upload...just a few snaps from our first week in Italy...incredible to be here...just incredible!! (no crafting of any kind to be seen tho!! Tho we managed to source a glue stick to 'scrap' the cover of my journal..which Ive yet to write in!!aaghh!!)

This is amazing detail of one of the churches in Sulmona..not the greatest shot, with the sunshine, but hey ;)
Another church...this one with the bell that chimes on the hour, quarter hour, half hour, threequarter hour..and plays another whole tune for each hour change! Loud for houses around it!

Steve contemplating how he'll fit in the rental.. ;) lol...not really ...Bambinas are EVERYWHERE! SOOO cute!

Gorgeous balconies in neighbouring village, Introdacqua

Also Introdacqua

And a street in Pacentro..another smallish village nearby. All villages have their own castle it seems! This town was quite beautiful..well, most of them are! Thats Steve just past the local nona wandering down with our friend Catherine.

More tomorrow bellas...ciao for to Pescara to the beach...hope the weather holds out!

love and blessings Jessie xx


  1. LOVELY!! Whoop! Hope you're having the time of your life, can't wait to hear all about it. xoxo ciao bella!

  2. Jess!
    How beautiful! I could hear the chuch bells ring as I read your post! Thank you for taking us with you! (I will be Nona in about 2 weeks!) La dolce vita! Ciao!

  3. European architecture is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your pictures! What a wonderful trip!