Saturday, May 14, 2011

A fabulous giveaway over at Jeanne Oliver Designs...

Ok... so anyone who knows me knows I LOVE ruffles! Over at Jeanne Oliver'll see a great giveaway from her online store.

$500 (US$ I guess) to spend in her store!!!!!!

Gorgeous clothes and bags that she makes out of natural, delicious are a few from her latest summer collection (obviously not downunder! brrr)... I can just see myself out collecting apples all scooped up in this apron!! (not that there's any wild apple trees nearby, but hey...could'a got quinces!!) lol...

Her dresses are peasanty styled using great fabrics, including vintage bits and me again!...

Anyway...check it out...and if you love what you see, read up on how you can enter her giveaway...commenting, sharing on fb and your blog...

Cute shoes too, no? ;)

ciao bellas

jessie xx

(11 days! :) )

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