Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey fellow bloggers - February nearly over...where is this year going??
Had the most awesome weekend last weekend up north staying with my great sister and her family, so I could go to opening night of GREASE, which my fantastic daughter Emma was acting and singing in...she played Rizzo...and what an amazing night it was. We had great fun dressing in character for the night - 50's gear and really got into the songs and spirit of Grease. Totally blown away by my daughters performance - what a gift she has! ANd we went backstage after and met some of the cast - that was really cool. Her dad didn't make opening night, coming from the other side of the country, but got there Saturday, so i bought two more tickets and I went again! Then I returned south, and HE bought another ticket and went again!! was an awesome experience.

Back to life at home...further wedding planning going on - not a day goes by that I don't thnk about all the little details to be completed. Only 8 weeks to go!! yikes!! Verrry exciting tho...I guess I"ve always looked forward to the day/s when my kids would tie the doing my best to not be 'mumzilla' and just step forward for what Claire wants me to do and step back for what she doesn't ...and trusting God to help me discern which is which!! haha...God is good!!

Speaking of God - such great God encounters this weekend at our church Connect Summit - launching the year for us as a church. Our years theme is OVERFLOW and it's all about living on purpose...making a difference in the lives of others, being discipled and discipling, being the change that the world needs, starting in our own community. God is so faithful. Had THE most challenging day yesterday dealing with teenage angst (well, my angst over teens!)...trying my best to put Phillipians 4:6 into action (you know, worrying about nothing, praying about everything, trusting in and thanking God for the answers)...but struggled to do so. Don't you love the world of texting...sent a few fam/friends quick txt to pray for me as I felt so overwhelmed...and as the day progressed I felt the peace of God descend and finished the day at the beginning of our summit...soaking up the presence of God and surrounded by believers - was a great place to be after a day of feeling so inadequate.

So a big thanks to my friends and family (you know who you are!) who stood in the gap for me yesterday.

Well I trust and pray you have the most awesome week - choose this day whom you will serve...and LIVE ON PURPOSE!!!
jessie x

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