Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'll huff and I'll puff...

Well, who'd have thought walking 30 mins a day could be so addictive?! This sweat trickling down my face really is quite good! I like it! I'm not one of those girls who finds sweat rather...well...sweaty! I KNOW IT'S GOOD! It's simply my unwanted kilos melting away and dripping off me...long may it continue!

I have begun the "trim down, tone up" mission as I head towards my first daughters wedding in April...and what better time to sweat it all off than these hot hot days - AT LAST summer has truly hit sunny Nelson! yay! - not so good stuck in front of an oven all day producing delectable food for the punters that even I am not letting pass my lips! Not because they're not delicious, mind you...because they're TOO delicious! ;) No, I am constantly amazed at my ability to resist temptation to eat bad(or rather extremely good!!) things these past three must be God! Couldn't do it on my own! But do it I have...and will continue to do so until those nasty extra 8 kg are gone, gone, gone!! I'll huff and I'll puff.... I drip onto the keyboard, I can safely say I don't think THAT'S too off to the shower I go, then bed for a decent night's sleep - before I begin to wander thru cyberspace and suddenly find it's midnight!

Goodnight fellow bloggers...happy days!

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