Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to the BIRTHday of my blogging

Hello world...this is my first blog! I recently watched the movie "Julie and Julia" and experienced my first peek into the world of blogging as Julie began putting her thoughts out into the world...amazing! (Great movie if you havent' seen it! Specially if you love cooking!!)
Anyway...I am sitting in beautiful Nelson New Zealand, the sun is shining and summer seems set to stay - at last!! woohoo!! Been a long time coming...tho I look on some of your blogs and see that American winters are 'real' winters, and we dont' really know we're born! So I shouldn't moan! Spent a beautiful day at the beach with my family and soon-to-be son-in-law yesterday...was really lovely. Walking hand in hand with my hubby on the beach, dreaming of what we might do in the next few, especially to France...but all over Europe I exciting prospect...but what about right now?

What to do today? My hubby will work on the boat, getting it ready for someone else to take it Tuna fishing, Laurah is already off to work at the local supermarket, Claire will check out honeymoon options (yes the first of my children to marry coming up this year!! wow - I'll be a mother-in-law! Now have to put all those "i'll never be THAT kind of mother-in-law" vows into practice!!)...and Bethwill be perhaps just hanging at home with mum. Might be time to start putting the Christmas decorations away...second thoughts, no...too early! All that anticipation and work of getting the house looking lovely and then to whip it all away?? might wait another week!

Anyway...had better get started on my day. Goodbye all bloggers who have dropped in...may God bless you with a wonderful creative day today!!!

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