Sunday, January 3, 2010

A drive to the coast...

Steve and I..Off we went to the east coast to find smooth white pebbles for a decorating venture I have in mind...the paddocks were like golden waves of the ocean in the incredible wind thru the Awatere..looked just as I imagined the American prairie looked in Laura Ingalls book series, Little House on the Prairie. Beautiful books...they were the most magical thing I'd ever read (and possibly still!) at 11 years old...they let your imagination run away to a world long forgotten, yet a yearning in my young heart to have lived that life grew each time I picked up the books and immersed myself in their pages...ah, the magic of reading! ANYWAY...I digress. The coast was far down as Kekerengu...stopped for tea at The Store - an incredible place built with Huge round posts as support beams and lots of concrete sculpture, rusted wrought iron fittings and tin topped tables...HUGE double sided fireplaces - must be amazing in winter - and RIGHT ON THE BEACH!...down some steps, across the lawn and there you are...magical. Would be a great place for a wedding reception...pity it's in the middle of nowhere!!
Anyway...that was my yesterday...home at 10pm...fell into bed...a day well spent with my darling hubby...
ciao for now. x

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