Thursday, July 7, 2011

A taste of Florence...but trouble with pics :(

Good evening fellow bloggers and followers..and visitors ;)...Well, I was going to share the beautiful B&B that is Valdirose but i'm having trouble with th0se in the meantime, I'll try to show you a bit more of our experience of the bella Italia!...loading's become the bain of my life!'s one or two of our arrival in Florence...

A view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge from the piazza de Michel Angelo...several bridges there, it's the first one you can see..(hardly the foreground, but still)..amazing old bridge - the only one left standing after the germans bombed the place in WWII...verrry cool bridge with amazing old shops across it - all jewellery shops, side by side...right across, both sides!

Imagine my dismay to round the corner as we drove into Florence and VOILA! ...THERE WAS THE STATUE OF DAVID! RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!...well, of course, you may know (we didn't ;))..that it's a bronze of two copies of the 'real deal'..which we didn't get to see...felt equally amazing to be standing right there with the replica tho I must admit!! That's me on the right sitting on the steps (Not looking up!! lol)

The amazing Duomo ..Cathedral in the midst of seen from the Piazza de Michel Angelo..we then braved the insane Italian traffic and continued into the city...

more another day when I don't spend 10 mins loading ONE photo!! sigh..

ciao bellas!

blessings to you

luv jessie x

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