Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Thanks everyone for your emails and messages...we are not near Christchurch where the earthquake took place, however my son and his wife moved there last month. They are thankfully well and unharmed though understandably very shaken and distressed...but there are so many who have not been so fortunate. Please continue to pray for those people whose home is Christchurch...such devastation we have never seen before. People still unaccounted for. Lives lost. It is so tragic. May God have mercy on them.
bless you all for caring
luv jessie


  1. So sad! I was just watching this on the news here in the US. Glad to hear your family is just fine. Sending prayers.

  2. Jessie...thank you for posting...I've been praying...May God Bless New Zealand and it's citizens...*Lynne*

  3. So glad to hear you're ok..Thank goodness your family is safe..I can't believe how mother nature seems to be so destructive lately..xx